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Seoul city boasts an excellent public transportation system. Seoul National University is easily accessible by bus and subway.


When using the subway to visit Seoul National University, make sure to take Subway Line #2 (Green Line) and stop either at Seoul National University Entrance Station, Nakseongdae Station, or Shillim Station.

The Seoul Metro Guide

Subway Line #2 (Green Line), Seoul National University Entrance Station (Exit #3)

While Seoul National University is nearby the SNU Entrance station, it is not within walking distance, and you will need to take a bus or a taxi to get to the university. Be sure not to confuse the Seoul National University Entrance Station with the Seoul National University of Education/Court or Prosecutor’s Office Station.

From exit #3, walk towards the Gwanak-gu Office. There you will find the campus shuttle bus and other buses that will take you to SNU. Campus shuttles are free of charge. Though intervals vary during the semesters, the shuttle buses generally run every 5 to 20 minutes. You can also take the public 5511 and 5513 buses that circulate the campus counter-clockwise, from the university’s main entrance to the Administration Building.

Subway Line #2 (Green Line), Nakseongdae Station (Exit #4)

You will need to use another mode of transportation to get to campus from Nakseongdae Station. From exit #4, walk straight and make a left turn at the gas station. There will be a bus stop in front of the bakery. Take the small green town bus number 02 (관악 Gwanak 02 bus).

Subway Line #2 (Green Line), Shillim Station (Exit #3)

You will need to use additional mode of transportation to get to campus from Shillim Station. From exit #3, take bus number 5516, which circulates counter-clockwise from the main entrance towards the Administration Building, and passing by the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences (Bldg. #200) and College of Engineering (Bldg. #301).


Buses that travel via the school

5517 (GREEN)
Final StopSNU ↔ Joong-Ang University
Major StopsShillim Station, Noryangjin Station
5522B (GREEN)
Final StopSNU ↔ Nangok
Major StopsShillim, Nangok
5528 (GREEN)
Final StopSNU ↔ Guro Digital Complex
Major StopsShillim, Siheung, Gasan
6511 (GREEN)
Final StopSNU ↔ Guro-dong
Major StopsShindaebang Station, Shindorim Station
501 (BLUE)
Final StopSNU ↔ Jongro 2nd district
Major StopsSangdo-dong, Yongsan, Seoul Station
750 (BLUE)
Final StopSNU ↔ Susaek
Major StopsGwanak-gu Office, Sangdo Tunnel, Seoul Station, Shinchon
A table including bus Numbers / Final stops / Major stops
Bus Number Final Stop Major Stops
5517 SNU ↔ Joong-Ang University Shillim Station, Noryangjin Station
5522B SNU ↔ Nangok Shillim, Nangok
5528 SNU ↔ Guro Digital Complex Shillim, Siheung, Gasan
6511 SNU ↔ Guro-dong Shindaebang Station, Shindorim Station
501 SNU ↔ Jongro 2nd district Sangdo-dong, Yongsan, Seoul Station
750 SNU ↔ Susaek Gwanak-gu Office, Sangdo Tunnel, Seoul Station, Shinchon

※ A detailed service route of each bus is provided on the Seoul bus network online service website.

Seoul Topis website


If you have taken a bus that stops in front of the main gate, you may either get off at the gate and transfer to a bus that circulates the campus, or take the on-campus shuttle, which stops at the Administration Building, College of Engineering (Bldg. #301), Gwanak-sa (Dormitory), etc.