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2012 Korea Bio-Economy Spring Forum Briefing

May 15, 2012

2012 Korea Bio-Economy Spring Forum Briefing
Towards A Bio-Economy 4.0: Development and Welfare

The SNU Bio-Hub Center affiliated with the SNU Bio-MAX Institute will host a KOREA Bio-Economy Forum titled “The 2012 Spring Forum and Policy Briefing: Towards Bio-Economy 4.0 Development and Welfare” on May 15 at the Renaissance Seoul Hotel. This forum is sponsored by the Ministry of Knowledge Economy. Consisting of Plenary Lectures and Invited Lecture programs, the forum will commence with congratulatory addresses from the chairperson of the forum Professor PARK Jung-Guek of Dongguk University and the Minister of Knowledge Economy HONG Sukwoo. Bio-specialists from all over the country will give a series of lectures, and the forum will serve as an arena for strategic development and policy suggestions in the biofield. This year’s bio-forum is expected to set forth a model for the development of Korea’s bio-technology that encompasses the economic, policy, medical, industrial, and agricultural fields. Participants of the forum hope that bio-technology becomes the axis of national development initiatives. The program is as follows.

Program info.
Time Program Lecturers
16:30~17:00 Sign In
I. Opening Ceremony
17:00~17:05 Opening Speech KOREA Bio-Economy Forum Chair
Professor of Dongguk University
Park Jung-Geuk
17:05~17:10 Congratulatory Speech Minister of Knowledge Economy
Hong Sukwoo
Ⅱ. Plenary Lectures
17:10~17:30 “Bio and Economy” KOREA Bio-Economy Forum Co-President/
Professor of Seoul National University
Cho DongSung
17:30~17:50 “Policy in the Bio-Economic Era” KOREA Bio-Economy Forum, Bio-Policy Department
KIET Researcher
Choi Yoon Hee
17:50~18:00 Break
Ⅲ. Invited Lectures
18:00~18:15 “Biochemistry 2.0: Green Carbon Korea Project” KOREA Bio-Economy Forum Advisory Committee
Professor of Seoul National University
Seo JinHo
18:15~18:30 “The National Bio-medical Market and the Global Strategy of Green Cross” KOREA Bio-Economy Forum, Bio-Medical Department Chair
President of Green Cross
Rhee Byung-Geon
18:30~18:45 “Green-bio Integrated Plant Sites” Professor of Seoul National University
Son Jung Eek
18:45~19:00 “Healthcare Ecology in Bio-medicine” Samsung KPMG
Director of KPMG Healthcare
Kim HyungJin
Ⅳ. Dinner

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