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Tuition payment

Tuition fees are normally paid twice a year before each semester begins. First semester (Spring) registration takes place at the end of February, and Second semester (Fall) registration takes place at the end of August each year. Specific due dates will be announced on the university website.
As a national institution, Seoul National University offers the opportunity of receving the best education at low expense with the average tuition fee being 6,000 USD per semester. Please note that tuition fees vary according to a student’s major and the number of credits taken.

Payment method for students

Students can pay their tuition fees via the mySNU portal or the SNU homepage.

Check and print payment confirmation

Freshman (Before semester begins)
Seoul National University portal mySNU → Undergraduate Administration System → Registration → Tuition Payment Statement

Other students
Seoul National University portal mySNU → Undergraduate Information → Proof/Confirmation of payment → Confirmation of payment/Receipt Statement


It is the university’s policy that students are responsible for registration and paying tuition fees by the due date. The university may deny registration to those students whose bills who fail to do this by the established deadline. Should this happen, students wishing to attend must apply separately for permission.

Last updated in 2019